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Synthetic Blend Oil Change at Springfield Xpress Lube

Already thinking about your next oil change? If you’re driving an older car, or one that doesn’t require a full synthetic oil, consider a synthetic blend oil.

What Is Synthetic Blend Oil?

Synthetic blend oil, sometimes called semi-synthetic oil, is made by mixing a conventional oil with full synthetic oil. Synthetic blends are a great compromise for drivers whose cars don’t require full synthetic. Your vehicle’s engine will achieve better performance and protection conventional oil alone can’t provide.

Synthetic blend oil has other benefits, including:

Lower Cost

Sometimes it’s all about cost. And a synthetic blend oil change will save you money compared to full synthetic oil.

Reduced Wear & Tear

Your engine doesn’t run at a constant temperature. Synthetic blend oils offer higher performance over a wider temperature range than conventional motor oil. Your engine will incur less wear and tear no matter what kind of driving you do.

Increased Energy and Fuel Economy

An oil’s ability to flow is called its viscosity. Synthetic blend oils help you keep your fuel economy high due to its superior viscosity control. You can’t say the same about conventional motor oils.

Perfect for Powerful Driving

Do you haul around heavy loads for work? What about towing your boat to the river or the coast? A synthetic blend oil resists the high temperatures in your engine resulting from heavy-duty driving.

Daily Protection Oil

What We Use: Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil

Ask our oil experts if a synthetic blend is right for your vehicle’s optimal performance. Come in for your next oil change. No appointment needed. Stop by Springfield Xpress Lube!

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Our Synthetic Blend Oil Change Includes

  • The essentials:

    • Up to 5 quarts of Valvoline synthetic blend
    • New oil filter
    • Lubricate chassis
    • Wash windshield
    • Visual inspection under hood
    • Visual inspection under chassis
  • We also check and fill:

    • Power steering fluid
    • Battery
    • Transmission/transaxle
    • Differential (Front and Rear)
    • Transfer case
    • Radiator coolant recovery fluid
    • Windshield washer fluid
    • Tire pressure
  • Lastly, we check & inspect:

    • Air filter
    • Crankcase breather (PCV filter)
    • PCV valve
    • Windshield wipers

Customers Love Our Oil Change

" The guys at xpress lube are always helpful, honest and professional. I will always come back here! THANK YOU!!"Jodi Busick
"This place gives me a consistently agreeable experience. Quick but comprehensive, they offer full explanations for any additional services but with no pressure. Everything is done with a smile. You won't be disappointed."Mike Curtis


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