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Serpentine Belt Replacement

serpentine belt replacement

Serpentine belt replacement is an important preventative maintenance for your car. It’s essential for safe, smooth driving.

How Does a Serpentine Belt Work?

The serpentine belt is a long, rubber belt which transports power from the engine to several key components, including your vehicle’s alternator, power steering, air conditioner and water pump.

If the serpentine belt fails, all those components may stop working, steering can become difficult and your engine can overheat causing damage to your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to replace a serpentine belt before it breaks.

Serpentine Belts Wear Over Time

General wear and constant heat from the engine can eventually cause a serpentine belt to become brittle, cracked and frayed.  A worn belt may also start slipping or squealing, which you can hear while driving.

These are signs your vehicle’s serpentine belt may be in danger of breaking and needs to be replaced.

How Often Should my Serpentine Belt Be Replaced?

Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended service intervals.

A general recommendation is to replace your vehicle’s belt as preventative maintenance every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Benefits of a Serpentine Belt Replacement

A new belt prevents potential engine damage resulting from attempting to drive with a failed belt.  It also prevents you from being stranded if the belt breaks.

A serpentine belt replacement can result in:

  • Smooth, easy, and safe steering
  • A healthy, high functioning engine
  • A quiet vehicle, without squealing
  • Smooth and stress-free driving

Serpentine Belt Services at Springfield Xpress Lube

Upon your request, we can examine your serpentine belt for signs of wear.  We’ll let you know if we see any cracks or fraying.

When you come in for a serpentine belt replacement, we will:

  • Remove the old serpentine belt
  • Check all belt pulleys for excessive damage or wear
  • Install your new serpentine belt which meets or exceeds your vehicle’s recommendations

Service time: 10-20 minutes.

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