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Improving your car's engine performance and fuel efficiency is easier than ever.  A clean oil and fuel system will keep your vehicle in good working order and have it ready for your next adventure!

The age of your vehicle doesn't matter.  Even if you have a newer car, a clean oil and fuel system will improve fuel efficiency and keep your vehicle running longer (and better). You can feel confident each time you drive while improving your economy.

Stop by Springfield Xpress Lube at 4020 Main Street in Springfield, OR; our certified technicians can help you find out if your vehicle needs an oil system cleaning.

Our team of experts will never pressure you into unnecessary services. Instead, we treat you like friends and your car as our own! So sit back and relax while we solve your vehicle's issues and ensure your vehicle is a well-oiled, smooth-running machine.

Oil System Cleaning

Perhaps you've been changing your car's oil regularly, and that's great! But do you know why you shouldn't neglect cleaning your vehicle's entire oil system? 

When you forget to clean your vehicle’s oil system, the following occurs:

  • Being under stress and heat, motor oil degrades.
  • It gathers in your car's oil pan whenever that takes place, resulting in a buildup of thick, sticky, and potentially harmful sludge.
  • This sludge can cover your oil screens and conceal itself inside the oil system tubes of your car.
  • Lubricating oil can't flow smoothly if left unattended for too long; over time, this could seriously harm your car.

The filth, corrosion, and varnish inside your engine build up over time. A thorough oil system cleaning breaks up and removes these deposits to keep your car in good running order.

At Springfield Xpress Lube, we advise cleaning your entire oil system every 9,000 miles.

How do we do it?

One of our favorite tools for thorough oil system cleanings is the Mighty VS7 Oil System Cleaner. It is a petroleum-based compound that aids in removing sludge buildup from your car's crankcase. Once the pollutants have been dissolved, the used oil and oil filter may be easily removed.

We help your engine to run better for longer with our oil system cleaning.

Fuel System Cleaning

Your car's fuel system is composed of the fuel filter, fuel injectors, and fuel pump. These components facilitate the fuel's passage from the gas tank to the engine via the fuel injector.

The bad news is that particles like dirt and grit can enter the fuel system and reduce your vehicle's performance over time.

Your automobile may need a thorough fuel system cleaning if it feels "sluggish," emits more emissions, or consumes more fuel than it previously did. In addition, as the gasoline system fills up with dirt over time, the longer you go without cleaning, the worse these issues could develop.

Every 4,000 to 5,000 miles you travel, we advise cleaning your car's whole fuel system. This is because after roughly 5,000 miles, modern fuel injection systems become less responsive due to the buildup of fuel-related deposits.

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Our Service Experience

At Springfield Express Lube and Car Wash, we strive to provide customers with the best car servicing experience in Springfield. We take pride in our:

  • Attentive and friendly customer service
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  • Using top-quality Valvoline oil — which is great for your vehicle

We’re a locally owned business and would love the opportunity to earn your continued service. Come give us a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a fuel system cleaning?

Your fuel system may become clogged with deposits, debris, and other pollutants, which frequently causes driveability issues like surging, stalling, hesitancy, power loss, and decreased fuel efficiency. These buildups are eliminated by a thorough fuel system cleaning, which prolongs the life of the fuel system while assisting in keeping your car's performance at its peak. Cleaning your gasoline system regularly keeps your car operating smoothly and effectively.

When do I know if I need an oil and/or fuel system cleaning?

Is your vehicle:

  • Feeling “sluggish” as you drive?
  • Having trouble accelerating as fast as it used to?
  • Using up significantly more fuel?
  • Starting more slowly than it should?
  • Putting out more emissions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your vehicle might benefit from a fuel system cleaning. While you’re at it, drop by our location and ask one of our Springfield oil change experts if your vehicle needs an oil system cleaning!

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