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Lighting is one of your car's most crucial safety elements. Since it makes you more visible to other drivers and helps with car-to-car communication, driving requires having lights that are in perfect operating order. You don’t want to get a ticket from the police for a faulty light!

That’s why routine maintenance checks on your car should include cleaning and inspecting your lights to guarantee proper operation.

Let Springfield Express Lube & Car Wash's qualified experts check and replace your lights. We’ll ensure your car's lights are functioning correctly and repair any damage.

Sit back, relax, and remain in your car while we ensure that your car keeps you going through the darkest nights.

When should I get my lights checked?

Headlights typically have a lifespan of 18 to 24 months. However, the light electrical systems in your car will likely start to wear out and stop functioning.

Do you think your lights' electrical system may not be operating properly? Find out if your car's headlight, brake, or other light bulbs are damaged by coming to Scappoose Express Lube & Car Wash.

We'll make sure your car is all set to keep you safe. Our qualified technicians will examine your car or truck to determine whether your broken light is an electrical issue or if you need a fast light bulb replacement.

Types of lights Springfield Express Lube & Car Wash can fix:

  • Headlights
  • High-beam lighting
  • Fog lights
  • Brakelights
  • Turn signal lights
  • License plates lights

Repairing lights in pairs

Some people may just swap out the burned-out light bulb when one of them fails. However, you should consider replacing both bulbs instead of just one. They’ll probably fail at the same time since they both have been on for the same period of time.

The following are some reasons for replacing your lamp bulbs in pairs:

1. Safety

If you only replace one light bulb, your headlight beam may be uneven and distracting, reducing your road visibility.

2. Effective Maintenance

Since both lightbulbs are on at the same time, they usually burn out one after the other. Replace them both at once to save time.

3. Matching Pair

To ensure equal brightness and color for improved night vision, replace headlight bulbs in pairs when upgrading to superior ones.

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