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Gearbox Fluid Service

Gearbox Fluid Service

Whether you drive a rear-wheel or all-wheel drive car, truck, or SUV, you need to take care of your vehicle’s gearbox. Inside your gearbox (also known as the differential) gears mesh against each other every time your wheels turn! This can lead to a lot of wear and tear on the metal parts in your gearbox. You need make sure these parts are protected by fresh gearbox fluid.

At Xpress Lube, we recommend you have your gearbox fluid, also known as differential fluid, checked and changed regularly.

Old and contaminated gearbox fluid isn’t able to protect the metal components and clutch plates in your differential. Over time, ring and pinion gears can get worn down or even break, resulting in a car that is completely undriveable.

Our Gearbox Fluid Service

The specialists at Xpress Lube know the importance of protecting your car’s differential. The differential transfers the proper amount of engine power to each of your vehicle’s wheels. If the differential is not operating at maximum efficiency, you won’t get optimal performance out of your vehicle.

When you bring your SUV, truck, or car to Xpress Lube, we begin by checking your gearbox fluid to make sure your gearbox is full (if not, there might be a leak!), fresh, and free of pieces of metal worn from your gears. This lets us know if there are other problems which may exist.

You’ll need to replace your gearbox fluid about every 10,000-50,000 miles, depending on your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, the wheels you use, and a few other factors. If you often tow a heavy load, like an RV, boat, or trailer for work, then you’ll need to have your gearbox fluid serviced more frequently.

After we check your gearbox fluid, we’ll drain it and replace it with fresh gearbox fluid.

Benefits of Gearbox Fluid Service

Gearbox fluid is just like any other lubricating oil in your vehicle. It breaks down over time, loses its protective properties, and needs to be replaced. By having your gearbox fluid serviced at Xpress Lube, you can drive confidently, knowing your differential is protected from the metal-on-metal damage caused by old, broken down gearbox fluid.

Low gearbox fluid is one of the most common causes of loud noises while you drive! These noises are the result of metal gears grinding against each other without proper lubrication. If your car is making a very loud “roaring” sound, be careful! This might be caused by gears spinning so quickly (and without proper lubrication) that they may lock together, seizing up your entire car.

When your vehicle’s gearbox fluid is fresh, your car will be noticeably quieter, thanks to gearbox fluid protecting your differential and your car.

Changing your gearbox fluid also saves you money in the long run. On many cars, a new differential can cost well over $1,500. This is a very expensive repair you can avoid simply by having your gearbox fluid serviced and replaced regularly at Xpress Lube.

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