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Fuel Filter Replacement

Is it time to replace your vehicle’s fuel filter?

Regular fuel filter replacements can improve engine performance, prevent costly repairs down the road and even increase your gas mileage!

Fuel Filter Replacement

What Does a Fuel Filter do?

The fuel filter removes contaminants from the fuel in your tank before it enters the engine’s carburetor or fuel injectors.

Over time, your car’s gas tank can become rusted, which contaminates the fuel. Your gas tank can also contain dust, dirt and other debris. A well-functioning fuel filter protects your engine by cleaning the fuel and filtering out contaminants before they get into your engine.

Benefits of a Fuel Filter Replacement

Changing the fuel filter at recommended service intervals helps keep the fuel system clean from dirt, rust, and other damaging contaminants. It also provides a host of other benefits for your car:

Better Engine Performance

A clean engine performs better than a dirty one. Clean fuel makes for a healthy engine and a smooth driving experience.

Increased Life of Other Parts

Your fuel pump and carburetor or fuel injector will thank you when you replace an old fuel filter. Replacing it at recommended intervals will prevent expensive repairs down the road. It may even allow you to avoid replacing other, more expensive parts.

Better Fuel Efficiency

If you’re driving around with a clogged filter, you’re wasting money filling up your gas tank more often than you need to. Replacing your fuel filter will improve your gas mileage, so you can get more out of every trip to the gas station.

How Often do Cars Need a Fuel Filter Replacement?

Check your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals. In general, we recommend you get your fuel filter replaced every two years, or every 25,000 - 30,000 miles -- whichever comes first.

It’s also wise to have your fuel filter checked any time you come in for regular maintenance.

Look for these commons signs that your fuel filter may need to be replaced immediately:

  • Your car won’t start.
  • Your car loses power when driving uphill.
  • You’re getting worse gas mileage than usual.
  • Your check engine light is on.
  • You hear grinding sounds in the engine.

Your fuel filter needs regular maintenance, just like every other part of your car. When your vehicle needs a fuel filter replacement, come to Springfield Xpress Lube. We promise quick, friendly service with no pressure and no appointment needed.

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