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Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic Transmission FlushDo you drive a self-shifting car, truck or SUV? An automatic transmission flush is an important preventative maintenance measure for automatic vehicles.  A routinely scheduled automatic transmission fluid flush keeps your transmission running consistent and smooth.

What is an Automatic Transmission Flush?

Changing your transmission fluid at recommended intervals lubricates clutch plates, cools your transmission and keeps your transmission clean with fresh fluid and detergents.

An automatic transmission flush replaces essentially 100% of your vehicle's old transmission fluid with fresh, clean fluid. It helps protect against rust, corrosion and wear to keep your transmission functioning properly and shifting smooth.

An automatic transmission flush helps improve your car's performance in many ways, including:

Extended Transmission Life - If transmission fluid is not changed at recommended intervals, over time, important chemicals in the fluid oxidize and break down, reducing its ability to lubricate and protect the parts of your transmission. This can cause acid, rust and sludge in the fluid -- the leading cause of transmission failure.

A full transmission fluid replacement stops this from happening and extends transmission life by preventing oxidation, sludge formation, and varnish.

Smooth Shifting - Fresh fluid reduces wear and scouring of your car's clutch plates which promotes smooth shifting throughout the service life of your vehicle. You'll feel the difference next time you have to step on the gas to merge onto the highway.

Better Performance at Extreme Temperatures - Over time, the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates can damage your transmission. An automatic transmission flush helps prevent your transmission from overheating and continues to clean and protect even when temperatures run high.

During colder winter driving conditions, like in the Northwest, an automatic transmission flush offers excellent low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting as well.

How Often do Cars Need a Transmission Flush?

Even the highest quality transmission fluid is only effective for so long, until it needs to be replaced. We recommend an automatic transmission flush approximately every 30,000 miles for most vehicles.

What We Use: Valvoline Automatic Transmission Fluids

We'll use the grade of Valvoline Automatic Transmission Fluid specifically designed for your vehicle to promote the long life and trouble-free performance of your transmission.


  • Protect against rust, corrosion and wear

  • Provide excellent shift quality throughout service life of vehicle

  • Minimize sludge and varnish deposits

  • Retain viscosity at high operating temperatures

  • Provide outstanding high-temperature oxidation resistance and excellent dispersancy and detergency

  • Offer excellent low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting


  • Contain specially balanced additive combinations that meet the friction properties specified by transmission manufacturers

  • Are compatible with both plastic and elastomeric transmission components

When your vehicle needs an automatic transmission flush, come to Springfield Xpress Lube. We promise quick, friendly service with no pressure and no appointment needed!

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