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This is a great place to get an oil change and car wash. The employees are very professional and helpful with all your needs.

-Angie ODell

Good service at a great price. The books of pre-paid car washes and oil changes are wonderful.

-Derrick Duehren

The employees at Scappose Xpress Lube are friendly, respectful and care about my car and the customer service they provide. The store is clean as are the uniforms of the employees. It reminds me of stories my grandfather used to tell me about the service station he worked in as a young man.

-Chanelle C

I will not go anywhere else to get an oil change! Jesse is honest and goes above and beyond to help. I had build up on my radiator cap and he checked a second time for leaks and told me what I could try to save money and so far it has worked.

-Chelsie Orr

Great services they go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and are satisfied before leaving!

-Tab B.

Great Service! This is my regular car wash and oil change spot, though I had my transmission serviced here too.

-Lisa Wilkendorf

I love there service and they are very kind people.

-Nancy Hoffman

Service was excellent, both of my vehicles have been and will continue to be serviced at Scappoose Xpress Lube and Car Wash.

-Thom Flynn