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Oil System CleaningOil System Cleaning

Why Clean Your Oil System?

Keeping the oil system clean is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle’s engine in good working order.  

You know how important it is to regularly change your oil, but did you know the entire oil system needs regular maintenance too?

Over time, sludge deposits, corrosion, gum and varnish build up inside your engine.  The collection of harmful deposits is never completely removed when your oil is changed.

Your vehicle can benefit from an oil system cleaning, which helps break up and remove deposits and corrosion.

Benefits of an Oil System Cleaning

Using the right oil system cleaner will increase the effectiveness of your next oil change.

As motor oil decomposes due to heat and stress, it collects in your vehicle’s oil pan. This results in  thick, hard to remove and potentially damaging sludge buildup. This sludge can clog up oil screens and tubes within your vehicle’s oil system. If neglected long enough, oil cannot flow freely and can cause serious damage to your engine.

What We Use

At Scappoose Xpress Lube we use Mighty VS7 Oil System Cleaner. It’s a petroleum-based formula which helps safely dissolve and loosen sludge deposits and other contaminants inside your vehicle’s crankcase.  Once the oil system cleaner process is complete, the dissolved contaminants are easily removed with the used oil and oil filter.

The oil system cleaner promotes smoother performance and can help your engine run better for longer.

It’s the best choice to use for any conventional oil change, including full and semi-synthetics. At Scappoose Xpress Lube, we recommend an oil system cleaning every 9,000 miles.

Stop by Scappoose Xpress Lub and ask our oil change experts if your vehicle needs an oil system cleaning!

Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System Cleaner

Your vehicle’s fuel filter, fuel injectors, and fuel pump are all part of its the fuel system. Together, they help fuel flow from your vehicle’s tank to the fuel injector and into the engine. When it's working properly, your car, truck or SUV’s fuel system ensures that the right mix of air and fuel powers the engine.

Unfortunately, dirt, debris and grit can make their way into the fuel system, hurting your engine's performance. These contaminants can even lead to damaged engine parts or complete engine failure.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Fuel System Cleaning?

At Scappoose Xpress Lube, we recommend a fuel system cleaning for your vehicle about every 4,000 to 5,000 miles.  After about 5,000 miles, modern fuel injection systems begin to lose their responsiveness due to the accumulation of fuel-related deposits.

Do you think your car:

  • Feels “sluggish”?
  • Has trouble accelerating?
  • Uses more fuel?
  • Starts slower than it used to?
  • Puts out more emissions?

If so, your vehicle might benefit from a fuel system cleaning.  Remember, the longer you put off cleaning your fuel system, the worse these problems might become as grit and deposits build up in critical parts of your fuel system.

Benefits of a Fuel System Cleaning

Deposits and contaminants which build up in your fuel system usually lead to driveability problems such as surging, stalling, hesitation, loss of power and a decrease in fuel economy.  A fuel system cleaning removes these deposits quickly and easily, helping your vehicle maintain its original performance. Regular fuel system cleanings will help you keep your vehicle running smoothly.

What We Use:

At Scappoose Xpress Lube, we use Cleaner Mighty VS7 Fuel System Cleaner, a detergent/dispersant formula designed to rapidly clean deposits in the fuel system. It contains no alcohols which could harm some fuel injectors. It also removes harmful carbon and varnish deposits which can lead to poor engine performance.

Cleaner Mighty VS7:

  • Cleans injectors, carburetor, fuel lines and the fuel pump all at once
  • Helps prevent fuel system and valve deposits which can cause poor performance
  • Will not harm your vehicle’s oxygen sensor
  • Helps eliminate catalytic converter “rotten egg” smell
  • Helps stop engine “after-run”

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