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Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Oil ChangeECO ULTRA® synthetic blend motor oil formulated with premium re-refined base oil and high performance additives through an environmentally-friendly process that saves energy and reduces pollution.

ECO ULTRA® oils are produced by re-refining post-consumer oil using a treating process similar to the refining process used for crude oil.  The re-refined base oil is blended with new additives to create ECO ULTRA® oil.

ECO ULTRA® lubricants are API-licensed.  They also meet SAE requirements, current OEM specifications and vehicle manufacturer warranties.

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Eco Ultra Oil Closed Loop ProcessThe ECO ULTRA process is an example of environmentally-friendly Closed Loop Manufacturing.  There are four steps in the ECO ULTRA process:

  1. Collection.  Used oil is collected from reliable sources such as oil change facilities.
  2. Re-Refining.  The used oil is re-refined using a hydro treating process that produces high quality base oil.
  3. Blending.  The base oil is blended with high quality additives to produce the synthetic blend re-refined motor oil.
  4. Servicing.  The re-refined “green” oil is made available to consumers.  This helps reduce natural resource depletion and eliminate waste material.

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