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Every oil change at our Scappoose auto shop includes a free silver car wash.

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At Scappoose Express Lube and Car Wash, we believe that fair prices and quality auto care are what matter.

Our locally owned car wash in Scappoose, OR has been servicing drivers in the Scappoose area for years. We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics, and want to ensure you and your car leave our Scappoose car wash happy and ready for the road ahead!

Car Wash Packages

The car washes at Scappoose Express Lube & Car Wash use 60% less water than a home wash and don’t require you leave the comfort of your car while it’s being washed!

We offer three car wash packages to treat your car.

$12 Platinum:

Soft Touch Wash
Hot Pre-Soak Bubblizer
Spot Free Rinse
Touch Free Dryer
Free Vacuums
Rainbow Conditioner
Undercarriage Flush
Clear Coat Protectant
Hot Carnauba Wax

$10 Gold:

Soft Touch Wash
Hot Pre-Soak Bubblizer
Spot Free Rinse
Touch Free Dryer
Free Vacuums
Rainbow Conditioner
Undercarriage Flush

$8 Silver:

Soft Touch Wash
Hot Pre-Soak Bubblizer
Spot Free Rinse
Touch Free Dryer
Free Vacuums

Get 4 Car Washes For The Price of 3 With Our Prepaid Cards

Buy a Prepaid Car Wash Card and get a FREE car wash with the purchase of three washes.

$24 for a SILVER Prepaid Car Wash Card
$30 for a GOLD Prepaid Car Wash Card
$36 for a PLATINUM Prepaid Car Wash Card


Car Wash FAQ

Your vehicle is an investment and must be properly maintained. Too many drivers in Oregon overlook the importance of changing the oil and washing their vehicles.

It's important to wash your vehicle:

  • After it rains
  • Before and after a road trip or driving on dusty roads
  • If it isn’t regularly kept in a clean garage
  • Immediately after removing bird droppings, dead bugs, tree sap, etc. These caustic elements attack your vehicle’s exterior and eat through the clear coat and paint.

Will an automatic car wash get my vehicle 100% clean?

An automatic car wash offers a quick and environmentally friendly way to clean the exterior of your vehicle. However, some confuse automatic car washes with a professional vehicle detailing which costs several hundred dollars.

The primary purpose of an automatic car wash is to clean most of the debris off the exterior of a properly maintained vehicle.

Automatic car washes are a maintenance wash, not a professional vehicle detailing.

Unfortunately, areas on certain vehicles will never get clean no matter how many times they run through the car wash. This is because it is impossible for car wash equipment manufacturers to design equipment to clean every year/make/model of vehicle driven on the road.

Don’t forget: an automatic car wash cannot bring back the original shine of a vehicle with oxidized paint and clear coat.

Will an automatic car wash damage my car?

We can’t comment on other car wash operators but when it comes to our automatic car wash, the answer is a resounding “No!”

Installed in 2018, our car wash equipment offers state-of-the-art technology ensuring a clean, dry, and undamaged vehicle at the end of the wash process.

Our proprietary high density foam cleaning material is highly effective at removing the majority of debris off your vehicle without damaging the paint or clear coat.

The level of friction applied by our car wash material is safer than washing your vehicle at home using a sponge, brush or hand mitt.

Are touchless car washes better?

Touchless car washes use chemicals and high pressure water to remove dirt. The biggest downside of a touchless wash is the vehicle must be completely wiped down with a cloth at the end of the wash process or a film of dirt — very noticeable once the vehicle dries — remains on the vehicle.

No matter what type of car wash (cloth or no touch) you use, some type of friction must be applied during the wash process in order to effectively clean your vehicle.

How often should I wash my vehicle?

Most experts recommend washing your vehicle every 2 weeks. If you live or visit the coast or where road salt (or other ice-preventing chemicals) is placed on roads during the winter months, you should wash your vehicle more frequently.

People think washing your vehicle is for summertime. The truth is you need to wash your vehicle more often during the the winter. Salt and other ice-preventing chemicals placed on roads are caustic substances and attach to your vehicle’s exterior surface, eroding the paint and clear coat.

What about washing my vehicle at home?

Washing your vehicle at home can do harm. Using the wrong soap, like dish detergent can strip a vehicle’s protective finish. Sponges and hand mitts retain dirt and debris
causing micro scratches and swirl marks in a vehicle’s paint and clear coat.

We use an elaborate water reclamation system that enables our car wash to recycle and reuse water —up to an estimated 65% reduction in water use compared to home washing.

Washing at home also places harmful cleaning chemicals and phosphates washed off your vehicle into the storm drain ending up in our rivers and streams, hurting the plants and animal life in the ecosystem.

Our wastewater is recycled and filtered, removing dirt, oil. and debris before being discharged into the sewer system. Finally we use an approved hazardous waste hauler to remove the collected waste.

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