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Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic Transmission FlushIf it's been awhile since your vehicle has had a transmission fluid replacement, consider an automatic transmission flush. It's an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. Fresh transmission fluid helps improve the life of your transmission and keeps it performing smoothly.

What is an Automatic Transmission Flush?

A routine transmission fluid replacement  cools and cleans your automatic transmission with with fresh fluid and detergents. It also lubricates the clutch plate, making for smoother shifting.

An automatic transmission flush is a fluid replacement removing virtually 100% of your old transmission fluid before replacing it.  A flush is the best way to beat corrosion, rust, and daily wear and tear on transmission gears.

Here are a few reasons people choose an automatic transmission flush:

Longer Transmission Life - Not changing your transmission fluid at regular intervals is similar to using the dirty water to wash your dishes every day. Over time, important additives in the old fluid break down and oxidize. That means your transmission isn't being properly cleaned and lubricated. The result is acid, rust, and sludge which can lead to transmission failure.

A full transmission fluid replacement stops this harmful process, extending the life of your vehicle's transmission.

Better Gear Shifting - Without fresh fluid, wear on your vehicle's clutch plate is inevitable. An automatic transmission flush decreases friction and helps gears shift smoothly. You'll notice how effortlessly your car, truck, or SUV changes gears next time you drive up the steep roads to Mt. Hood for the weekend.

Less Overheating - Friction between clutch plates generates heat which is bad for your transmission in the long run. An automatic transmission flush will prevent overheating and allow your transmission to perform better when friction occurs.

Here in the Northwest, the cold can be a problem too. New, high-quality transmission fluid provides great low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting during winter months.

When Is it Time for a Transmission Flush?

Transmission fluid is only effective for so long, even if it's good quality. Most vehicles should get an automatic transmission flush about every 30,000 miles.

What We Use: Valvoline Automatic Transmission Fluids

We'll select the right grade of Valvoline Automatic Transmission Fluid for your vehicle to keep your transmission running problem-free until it's time for your next transmission fluid replacement.


  • Provide excellent shift quality throughout service life of vehicle

  • Minimize sludge and varnish deposits

  • Protect against rust, corrosion and wear

  • Retain viscosity at high operating temperatures

  • Provide outstanding high-temperature oxidation resistance and excellent dispersancy and detergency

  • Offer excellent low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting


  • Are compatible with both plastic and elastomeric transmission components

  • Contain specially balanced additive combinations that meet the friction properties specified by transmission manufacturers

Is it time for an automatic transmission flush? No need to make an appointment. Just stop by Scappoose Xpress Lube for quick, friendly service with no high-pressure sales tactics.

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