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Protect Your Transmission From Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic Transmission FlushAt Scappoose Express Lube and Car Wash we’re proud to offer affordable, efficient and high-quality transmission flushes. We also promise to always provide honest service. Guaranteed.

Our certified technicians will never pressure you into additional or unnecessary services. Sit back, relax and stay in your car while we work on ensuring your vehicle is a well-oiled and flushed machine!

Transmission Flushes at Scappoose Express Lube and Car Wash

Fresh transmission fluid is an important part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance and helps improve the life of your transmission.

With a transmission flush, we’ll remove virtually all of your old transmission fluid and replace it with fresh fluid. This leads to smoother shifting and keeps your transmission cool and clean.

Automatic transmission flushes are the best way to maintain your transmission and beat back corrosion, rust, and daily wear and tear.

Why invest in a transmission flush?

Longer transmission Life - Fresh transmission fluid has important additives which properly clean and lubricate your transmission. Over time, these break down and oxidize, leading to acid, rust, sludge development and possible transmission failure over time.

Better gear shifting - Fresh transmission fluid allows your gears to shift smoothly and decrease friction on your vehicle’s clutch plate. This reduces wear and also allows for smoother shifting while driving.

Less overheating - Friction between gear plates not only creates wear and reduces the longevity of your transmission but also creates overheating. New transmission fluid regulates temperature — also a positive in the cold months to ensure proper cold-start shifting.

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Our Transmission Flush Experience

At Scappoose Express Lube and Car Wash we strive to provide customers with the best car servicing experience in Scappoose. We take pride in our:

  • Attentive and friendly customer service
  • Excellent work and attention to detail 
  • Fast turnaround times 
  • Using Valvoline oil which is great for your vehicle

We’re a locally owned business and would love the opportunity to earn your continued service. Come give us a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need a transmission flush?

Every vehicle and situation is different. While older vehicles might need a transmission flush every 30k miles, some new vehicles might only need it every 60k miles. Don’t know if it is time? Contact one of our technicians for more information today!

How long does a transmission flush take?

How long your transmission flush will take depends on your vehicle and situation, most should take between 15-30 minutes. We can complete this service when we perform your routine oil change or as a stand alone service.

What are common signs I need a transmission flush? 

Keep an eye out for the following signs your vehicle needs a transmission flush:

  • Grinding or other strange noises from your transmission 
  • Slipping or slow shifting gears 
  • A delay in vehicle movement or vehicle surging forward while driving


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