Havoline® Motor Oils


Conventional OilHavoline® Conventional Motor Oil

Designed for cars and light trucks with high-revving engines, Havoline with Deposit Shield® Technology offers seven different SAE grades to help ensure the right match for your car or truck.


  • Offers excellent antiwear protection
  • Protects against oxidation, corrosion, and thermal breakdown
  • Protects against deposit and sludge formation in stop-and-go driving and sustained high temperature operation
  • Meets or exceeds warranty requirements of cars and light trucks specifying an API SN motor oil


Havoline® Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Full Synthetic OilA full synthetic motor oil formulated to provide exceptional wear protection in hot or cold operating temperatures. Provides protection for extended oil drains, heavy loads and for vehicles requiring a synthetic motor oil.


  • Easy cold weather starting
  • Minimizes engine deposit and emissions
  • Promotes long engine life due to extremely fast lubrication during starting, and outstanding wear protection during all other engine operating conditions.


Havoline® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Synthetic Blend OilA formulation of synthetic and conventional base oils designed to provide superb protection against engine deposits that can result from heavy load and stop and go driving conditions.


  • Advanced deposit control to help maintain a clean, smooth running engine
  • Superb viscosity control helps preserve fuel economy
  • Strong antiwear protection
  • Specially formulated to meet the needs of newer Japanese and U.S. OEMs (0W-20 only)


Havoline® High Mileage Motor Oil

High Mileage OilA motor oil specially formulated for cars with 75,000+ miles that provides extra cleaning power and wear protection compared to our conventional motor oils.


  • Superb engine seal agents helps to prevent oil consumption and leaks
  • Formulated to prevent oil consumption
  • Higher detergency helps minimize sludge accumulation
  • Extra piston deposit control protection helps maintain a clean, smooth running engine


Transmission Fluids

Transmission Fluid

Protect your transmission automatically. Your automatic transmission shifts hundreds of times a day, and without smooth shifting, trouble-free operation, your engine can’t operate at maximum efficiency. So help promote long life and seamless operation by using the grade of Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid specifically designed for your vehicle.


  • Help protect against rust, corrosion and wear
  • Provide excellent shift quality throughout service life of vehicle
  • Minimize sludge and varnish deposits
  • Retain viscosity at high operating temperatures
  • Offer excellent low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting
  • Contain specially balanced additive combinations
  • Are compatible with both plastic and elastomeric transmission components

Coolants and Anti-freezes


Stay cool under pressure. From the frozen tundra of the north to the blazing desert heat, Havoline Anti-freeze/Coolant is specially formulated to help protect your engine’s cooling system from winter freeze-up and summer boil-over.


  • Offer exceptional corrosion protection for aluminum, steel and copper
  • Contain outstanding anti-foam and heat transfer properties
  • Are available in both concentrate and 50/50 pre-diluted mixture

Power Steering Fluid

Havoline Power Steering Fluid is blended with high quality base oils and specially formulated additives to help passenger cars and light trucks maintain superior steering system control.


  • Protects against rust, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Protects against pump wear
  • Protects against seal and hose deterioration

Gear Oils

Protect your gears against the daily grind. Havoline® Gear Oils provide:

  • Long gear life
  • Extreme pressure properties
  • Wide range of weather protection
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Long lubricant life
  • Protection against oil seal deterioration

  • Delo 400 LE Heavy Duty Motor Oils

    Delo® 400 LE SAE 15W-40 is an industry leading, super premium quality engine oil which exceeds industry and engine manufacturers’ performance requirements. It is the most recommended viscosity grade for over the-road and off-highway diesel engines. It is formulated with ISOSYN® Technology, which combines premium base oils, high performance additives and Chevron formulating expertise to provide superb diesel parts protection that rivals synthetic performance all at an outstanding value. Click here for more info.

    Delo® 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-30 exceeds industry and engine manufacturers’ performance requirements, and is excellent for use in new advanced engines developed to meet the latest emissions and reliability standards. It helps keep piston rings clean and free for optimum combustion pressure and minimal wear. This engine oil is optimal for gasoline and diesel engines operating in sub-zero temperature. Click here for more info.